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Last update:  March 21, 2019


Who we are

AXSYN Procurement Solutions (APS) is a professional consulting company specializing in both National and International Procurement. It operates in North America, Europe, Africa and Australia through a network of experienced associates and partner agencies.

We harness private-sector innovations and efficiencies to create innovative solutions and provide professional assistance and consultancy services, particularly in re-engineering, capacity building and public sector reform in procurement. Our clients include private sector, government and international development community, including UN Agencies, International Development Agencies and NGOs.

Throughout extensive international experience of its associates, AXSYN has developed a specific expertise in procurement of goods and services, supply chain and materials management, procurement technical assistance and advisory services (TAAS) as well as procurement monitoring and audit. AXSYN gives you access to a network of procurement specialists, provides operational support, capacity building, and technical assistance in international procurement.

AXSYN offers “value added” services for the following reasons:

AXSYN is a strong supporter of good governance practices and building efficient and reliable procurement systems

Staff experienced in managing complex projects that involve assessment of existing environment, identifying solutions, and implementing the reforms that enhance public procurement environment

 Highly experienced and knowledgeable in procurement policies, regulations, and procedures developed through projects here in Canada and around the world.

 Able to make every assignment a high priority and allocate its top resources for speedy implementation of projects.

 Experienced in minimizing risks on behalf of clients it serves

AXSYN delivers on its promises, always ensuring that deliverables are of high quality and completed on target dates

 Able to provide excellent services at reasonable prices

Main assets of AXSYN include unique combination of expertise in public sector internationally, great flexibility and reliability, capability to provide highly customized solutions, our client-oriented approach, as well as access to highly skilled procurement professionals world-wide.



Study tour of the Department of Education (DoE) of Papua New Guinea (PNG) to the printer's facilities

Assistance to Ministry of Health (MoH) of Zambia in improving procurement process



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