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Last update:  February 19, 2018


Technical assistance


 Procurement Assessment & Audit
  • Procurement review, monitoring, procurement and contract audit, pre-audit review, and reporting.
  •  Review of procedures, processes, and documentation for procurement and contracting to determine whether they are in accordance with the regulatory requirements and that carried out procurement has achieved the expected economy and efficiency targets.
  • Professional judgment on compliance with the recipient country government/ donor procurement regulations, inappropriate practices or questionable decisions/ actions and suggested solutions.

Functional Analysis & Re-engineering

  • Analysis of systems for procurement planning, implementation and monitoring as per standards required by national legislation/ multilateral and bilateral donors
  • Establishment of working relationships with project stakeholders identified as process owners , participants, and other relevant units
  • Data collection, process analysis, development of an up-to-date “AS-IS” model, and identification of activities within the procurement process that qualify for re-engineering and finally, design of a “TO-BE” strategic procurement model

Procurement Assistance

  • Experience in development and implementation of procurement policy frameworks, procurement regulations and procedures under the UN, World Bank, EBRD, USAID, CGIAR, DFID, CIDA, AusAID and other donors’ procurement guidelines
  • Technical assistance in developing documentation required for procurement processes in order to achieve greater transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • Advisory in reporting systems: procurement archiving, procurement filing, procurement reviews and audits
  • International procurement instruments (RFQ/RFP) * International benchmarks in procurement
  • Development of specifications, tender documentations, evaluation and solicitation of vendors; management of supplier relationships, supplier performance evaluation

  Procurement Reform

  • Diagnostic Studies, Assessment, Functional Analysis, Strategy and Policy Development * Development of national procurement policy, regulations, desk instructions
  • Training of national procurement cadre

Procurement Agent services




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